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Colours of the River

Extra options for character creation in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Adds extra options for character creation in Baldur's Gate 3.

Skintones with coloured horn bits to start, for use with Tiefling characters, but I also plan to add some hair and eye colours later.


Colours available

  • Vampire 1 with white horns.
  • Pink 1 with pink horns.
  • Moon 1 with indigo horns.
  • Warm 10 with brown horns.
  • [Test] Storm 3 with yellow/gold horns.
  • [Request] Warm 1 with horns of a similar colour.
  • [Request] Smoke 1 with white horns.
  • [Request] Pink 2 with dark magenta horns.
  • [Request] Dryad 1 with white horns.
  • Added Mizora's skintone, unaltered. It comes with the green eyeshadow already applied.
  • Added Raphael's skintone.
  • [Request] Ochre 3 with horns of a similar colour.
  • [Request] Storm 3 with indigo horns.
  • [Request] Storm 2 with pitch black horns.
  • [Request] Wisteria 1 with purple horns.
  • [Request] Warm 3 with eggshell white horns.
  • [Request] Blush 10 with pitch black horns.
  • [Request] Moon 1 with light red horns.
  • Bi Bi Bi is a gradient horns test.



If you prefer to install manually or are playing on Linux (like I am) here is the information for your modsettings file:

  • Folder: Colours_of_the_River
  • Name: Colours_of_the_River
  • UUID: f0cd6f2d-8781-4a1a-88e9-cfdf81903c62


Tacolicious and Brekkie, from DbtR, were the inspirations for this mod. <3

I would not have known that the "NonSkinColor" parameter changed horn's colour if not for KittenTails mod Misc mods.

I used the template provided by Padme4000 in her mod Padme's Extra Colours for Character Creation to make this.

Thank you HoneyWhite for the tip about the "NonSkinTipColor" parameter!

This mod is unofficial fan content, not approved/endorsed by Larian Studios. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC and Larian Studios Games ltd.


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