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Leech and Raining Blood

Adds the Leech ability and the spell Raining Blood from Divinity: Original Sin 2

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A test. A trial. Just something for fun.

I am not going to try to port other spells from DOS2 to BG3 right now and I am not taking requests.

The passive, Leech, is attached to the "_Hero" record. So any starting player character will automatically have it. NPCs have no access to it, but companions will, because they also use that record. This part is a WIP, thank you to amanemonesia on Nexusmods for pointing that out to me!

The spell, Raining Blood, is available in all default Level 1 spell lists. I have not made patches for class mods yet.

Shouldn't conflict with anything. :fingers-crossed:


How did I do this?

Leech is an edited version of the Wood Woad's regeneration passive. Raining Blood is Create Water with the surface changed GROUND:CreateSurface(4,0, Blood) and ApplyStatus(BLEEDING,100,1) added. The vocal component was also changed to data "VocalComponentSound" "Vocal_Component_DamageNecroticVamparic".

Vocal Components are found in two places: Assets/Public/Shared/Assets/Sound/SPELLVOCAL.txt and Shared/Public/Shared/Content/Assets/Sounds/Spellvocal/[PAK]_Spellvocal/_merged.lsx



If you prefer to install manually or are playing on Linux (like I am) here is the information for your modsettings file:

  • Folder: Leech_RainingBlood
  • Name: Leech_RainingBlood
  • UUID: da3458a6-1ce3-4514-8b8f-50fcbd36cd4e


Labotor pieced together a blank spell background for me to use. She and ACatInABox also helped me with my mod image, because I am not a graphic designer. LostSoulMan provided invaluable coding knowledge.

This mod is unofficial fan content, not approved/endorsed by Larian Studios. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC and Larian Studios Games ltd.


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